Traif Restaurant [REVIEW]


In our home we practice what we preach, including the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time we eat healthy home cooked meals, and up to 10% of the time we go out for food and don’t really pay attention to its nutritional content. Since we eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, this translates to about 2 meals and 2 snacks per week where we can splurge.

To highlight the importance of balance in life and food, I have decided to share with you some of the gastronomical adventures from our 10%–or as I like to call it, #notathomedietitian. In this feature:

Brooklyn, NY

Since there are so many great restaurants to explore in our relatively short time in New York, we try not to return anywhere we have already been, but we’ve had to make an exception for TRAIF. We’ve been here 2x already…and will probably be back for more sooner than later. What keeps us coming back?

amazing flavours in every single dish

great service from start to finish

tapas style portions that are easy to share & allow all to try a bit of everything

constantly changing large menu allows even the pickiest of eaters to be pleased

Our first time there we had the seared scallop, tuna tartare, bacon wrapped figs, sautéed brussel sprouts, salt & pepper shrimp, beef sliders, and bacon donuts. Unfortunately, I was too flabbergasted by the amazing flavours of each dish to remember to snap any pics.

The second time around I was only briefly able to break from the flavour transe to take a few snapshots.

The ingredient of that day happened to be fava beans, which was incorporated into many of the dishes in a very creative manner, starting with a shot of pureed fava bean soup.

Did I mention that SHOTS OF SOUP are always served on the house at the beginning of your meal? SCORE!


Soft shell crap with fava bean puree

We all shared grilled pineapple & shrimp, soft shell crap with fava bean puree, lamb served with a side of fava bean and mint coulis, beef sliders (AMAZING sauce), and ice cream.

They’ve also got great local beers and tasty wines.

I must mention that each time there were four of us sharing all the food and we definitely over-ordered each time, with no regrets.


Lamb with fava bean puree and mint coulis

~Eating Well and Being Well is in the Balance~

Anna Gofeld, RD

DISCLAIMER: All opinions and pictures are my own. This post was NOT sponsored by Traif Restaurant, it’s affiliates, or any others.

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