What Do You Eat BEFORE Dinner?


The evening commute is a tough time for many reasons. It’s been a long day, there’s way too many people going in your direction, your stomach is reminding you that it’s almost dinner time, and those food places you just walked by smell AMAZING!

Need a snack to enjoy on the commute home so you don’t eat your way through dinner preparation? Here are 5 portable, flavourful snacks that will last in your lunch bag until the end of your workday and keep the pre-dinner munchies at bay:


  • Fruit and veggies with dip – an apple, a pear, a small bunch of grapes or cherry tomatoes. Pair it with homemade tzatziki or humus to add flavour and protein to carry you through to dinner.
  • Small portions of trail mix with whole grain cereal, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.
  • Homemade wholegrain muffins.
  • Spicy roasted chickpeas mixed with popcorn.
  • Plain, high-fibre, lower-sugar cereal, granola or nut bars with less than 5g of sugar per serving,

Snack well, small, and mighty!

Come back tomorrow for more nutrition tips! 

Remember to eat health & live happy,

Anna Gofeld, RD

*this month's tips inspirations come from the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month Campaign Resources Manual for Dietitians

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