What Type of Hunger Is It?


Before reaching for a snack, it’s important to check in to see if you’re truly hungry or if there are other reasons for your to be reaching for food.


Often stress, boredom, or distraction are the real reason people reach for food and never feel truly satisfied. It’s important to be able to distinguish between:

Mouth Hunger: Craving something sweet, salty, crunchy

Heart Hunger: My boss was rude to me today, so I deserve a cookie as a treat

Stomach Hunger: The meeting ran through lunch and I genuinely need to get something to eat

Mouth and Heart hunger often result in stress, boredom, or distraction eating. Instead of reaching for food at these times, try:

•going for a walk

•doing some stretches

•journal to get out your negative emotions, instead of eating them up
It’s important to pay attention to your food and feelings, enjoy what you’re eating, and stop when you’re satisfied.

Come back tomorrow for more nutrition tips! 

Remember to eat health & live happy,

Anna Gofeld, RD

*this month's tips inspirations come from the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month Campaign Resources Manual for Dietitians

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