Eat Your Way To A Better Career


Every day we strive to be better at our jobs to help us move up the corporate ladder. Did you ever think that good nutrition may be an important part of your workplace success?


Eating well at work can boost your concentration, productivity, and vitality. It can also reduce missed days of work by helping to boost your overall health.Fuel your work day the healthy way with these five helpful tips:

  1. Bring lunch from home so you don’t have to eat out. This will save you on time, money, and unknowingly making poor nutrition choices, since you probably don’t think about things like how much sodium you’re getting in that pasta dish.
  2. Take a break away from your desk to enjoy your lunch. This helps to avoid mindless eating and will actually make you fuller faster.
  3. Reduce boredom or stress by taking a brisk walk instead of nibbling to increase concentration and decrease your waist line.
  4. Pack smart snacks so you can skip the vending machine’s sugary and salty treats. Smarter snack choices will better help you get to the next meal.
  5. Hydrate with water instead of caffeinated drinks. This will increase your productivity by decreasing your trips to the bathroom.

Come back tomorrow for more nutrition tips! 

Remember to eat health & live happy,

Anna Gofeld, RD

*this month's tips inspirations come from the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month Campaign Resources Manual for Dietitians

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