Put Healthy Eating On Your Meeting Agenda


Meetings can be long and training sessions are often at unfamiliar locations, often making meal planning difficult. However, anticipating this problem makes it easier to prevent.



Those who organize meetings may not always be cognizant of employees’ varying lunch times or nutritional needs. Often to avoid having to cut a meeting short or a lunch may be provided to keep everyone satiated. Though the intentions may be good, the nutritional value of these nourishments may be lacking.


Full-day work events filled with pastries, coffee, and big buffet lunches can short-circuit healthy eating goals. Try these top tips to avoid meeting-food minefields:

  1. BYOS – Bring your Own Snacks: pack fresh fruit, veggies and small portions of nuts so you can skip the treat table
  2. Cut back on coffee: Pack a reusable water bottle and refill it so you have fresh water to sip on
  3. Lighten up at lunch: Fill half your plate with vegetables. Choose steamed vegetables and veggie-based salads with little dressing

Come back tomorrow for more nutrition tips! 

Remember to eat health & live happy,

Anna Gofeld, RD

*this month's tips inspirations come from the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month Campaign Resources Manual for Dietitians

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